A unique opportunity to enjoy a Yoga vacation, luxury camping in the pristine beauty of the rural India. Kasara, Maharashtra, the venue for your vacation is in midst of the Sahayadri ranges of the Deccan plateau, with home to several natural and man-made lakes. 100 km. from Mumbai, the venue has a feeder river to Bhatsa Dam, which  supplies drinking water to the metropolis. With reserved forest as its neighbor, it also hosts several waterfalls to add to the uniqueness of the venue.

The Yoga vacation, with ample time to relax and let go of concerns, you will be undertaking a unique experience in practicing the essence of Yoga. Some of the classes will be held in picturesque spot of the venue to enjoy the flavor of education system as in the yore. You will celebrate Karma Yoga to express your creativity and talents. Food will be Sattvic and based on guidelines of Ayurveda, under guidance of experts. The Yoga sessions will include Ashtanga Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Kriyas, Key concepts of Yoga in real life and much more.

A lot more awaits your presence to this distinctive “YOGA VACATION” to rediscover your self. To enjoy a vacation that you will want to revisit and speak about to your loved ones and friends.

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