International Day of Yoga

Celebrating 1st International Day of Yoga Event - June 21st

  'Yoga, Holistic Health & Lifestyle' Workshop
  Host : aImyoga Research & Education institute
Venue : Indian Culture Center in Korea (ICCR), Hannam-Dong, Seoul.
Event Time: 11am ~1pm, Sunday, 21st June 2015
Sponsor : IISK(Institute of India Study Korea), Indian Embassy in Korea, Indian Culture Center in Korea(ICCR), Korea Yoga Institute (Since 1986)

Participants : Open to All, Who are interested in Healthy & Joyous Life
Application for Participation : aimyoga@gmail.com (Name, Contact number, Email address)
Fee : Free Entry
Contact : Mobile - +82-10 3115 9956
Website : www.aimyoga.in
Blog : www.aim-yoga.blogpost.com
  Event Contents
  1. Greeting
2. Congratulation Speech - Representative of Indian Embassy in Korea
                                      - Choi, Gyu-beak (Korea Yoga Institute Principle)
3. What is Yoga? Yoga is Integrity (Introducing through Indian myth)
4. Relationship of Personality Complex & Type of Yoga
5. Lifestyle & Yoga
6. How to implement Yoga into one's own lifestyle?
7. Yoga Techniques that can be implemented in your day-to-day living (Practice)
8. Communication – Q&A
  Purpose of Event for International Day of Yoga
  "Summon bonum medicinae sanitas," health is the greatest good of medicine (15). "The end of physic," medicine, "is our body's health," the goal of medicine is the health of our body (16)." - Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics.
  Sufferings are a great integrator of humanity and so is good health and well being. Usually the notion of Yoga is limited to postures and breathing practices. The lifestyle portion that is most vital is left unattended. We can do physical practices for an hour but a life style education gives us the solution for 24 hours. Yoga is a holistic purposeful delivering lifestyle.
  You'll never change your life until you change something you do 'daily'.
  The 'secret of your success' is found in your 'daily routine'. - John C Maxwell
  World Yoga Day has been declared to promote Yoga for holistic health world over. We can purposefully use this world event with a purposeful 'Yoga Life style' centered workshop. The purpose of the workshop will be introducing 'Yoga for all', by definition 'All life is Yoga'.
  Yoga is ancient science of India and it had been practiced through all religion as a technique to assist their practices. Today's urban life is activity driven, target oriented and fast paced. We would like to share with people the essence of Yoga as Holistic approach in each individual's lifestyle.
  Since there are so many kind of Yoga yet still rarely approach or introduce Yoga how to implement one's day-to-day living as way of life. Hence we will share how one looks at one's lifestyle and how to fit Yoga technique into it.
  One who is appropriate in eating, recreation, in thinking and actions, regulated in sleep and wakefulness, this is 'Yoga' that becomes the destroyer of pain and misery. - Bhagvada Gita
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Day of Yoga
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International Day of Yoga
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International Yoga Day, 21 June 2015 : Activities in Korea
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