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Yoga@Work Implements Nanotechnology of Healthy Life Style.
The medicine works best when delivered in a Nano quantities, right to the afflicted cells.

Nano simply means extremely small........rather almost insignificant in its presence and appearance. But is a build block and goes on to become the foundation to larger macro objects.
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Get Your Organizer..........Procuring Yoga@Work 2014 Organizer
Procuring a copy of Yoga@Work 2014 Organizer
MRP INRs. 600/- (India)
USD 10 (International)
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Distribute Yoga Technique in your daily routine!
Create Healthy routine in your lifestyle!
Good assistance for Yoga Teachers!
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The Concept - Yoga@Work Daily Organizer?
For him who is appropriate in eating, recreation, in thinking and actions, regulated in sleep and wakefulness, this is yoga that becomes the destroyer of pain and misery
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Who can use the 'Yoga@Work' Daily Organizer?
12 Sun Zodiacs aligned with as many Life style, wellness and Yoga Concepts like Desire Life Style and Health, Water is life, Positive Attitude, Anger Management etc.

While having wholesome space is available for your daily appointments and notes, the organizer is empowered with 2 daily life style based instructions as part of the daily self appointment with good health.
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How to use the Yoga@Work Daily Organizer?
We have provided a Daily routine and Daily practice charts for designing a unique, purposeful daily routines which naturally manifest good health and all round wellbeing.
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