I want to thank-you again for teaching me yoga and to explain that yoga has saved me a second time!

A month ago while I was riding my bicycle here in Thailand, a careless, speeding, driver hit my bike from behind. I was thrown up into the air, narrowly missing the front of the car and landed on my back and bottom on the road. I couldn't stand up for more than a minute, and then when I sat down I needed to stand up again. The pain was unbelievable.

In the hospital they took a number of x-rays and ultrasound scans but didn't think that there was any major damage. However, I still had the pain and over the next few days I had less and less movement as if everything had locked up. After two weeks of this I was not improving, so without waiting for permission from the doctors I started doing light yoga, being careful not to force my body.

Within a week I got a lot more movement back. Now it is 6 weeks after the accident and I have full movement again and am only left with a little back ache, nothing too serious. That is now the second time that your yoga teaching has saved my back. I am full of gratitude. Thank-you. Kind regards and best wishes,
- Clive Verrall
Lovingly called hanuman is a man of action. You will find him enthusiastic in making you do the Kriyas and other practices with sincerity. A technically educated boxer with other educational qualifications found himself traveling the world to discover himself as a yoga teacher. You will be appreciative of his sincerity towards yoga when he will lead your class.

He is currently conducting yoga programs with aimyoga at Belarus and Russia and Baltic Region.
- Sri. Dzmitry Andreyeu, Senior Yoga Sadhaka, Co-ordinator
"I had the privilege of sharing with Deepak during a three month period in Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh, India. During my time with him I learned many facts about Hinduism, Meditation, and Yoga. Deepak got me in touch with the inner infinity within me and taught me how my consciousness creates my reality. The physical is a manifestation of the spiritual. Through Yoga and the knowledge of the body he can tell you about areas of your spiritual self which need work. As you let go of your fears and ego your yoga postures improve. At the same time as you practice Yoga and focus your attention on the postures, spiritual insights begin to appear through your connection with the infinity. 

Apart from that I took great delight in the company of the people who come from other cities in India to share with Deepak. It was normal to find 10 of 15 people sitting in his company entertaining conversations about daily life and the spiritual realities which transpire through the fabric of these every day occurrences. Delightful times which I carry in my heart as a precious gem of my experiences. 

I strongly recommend Deepak to anyone who wants to learn about his inner self through Yoga, Meditation and Indian spiritual connection. 
- Omar Salian
Conversations of life : change in ones life starts with thoughts and thereafter with a conversation ,at bodh vilas my conversation and thoughts change with philosophy of divine words with seers, and one deeepak gupta ....simple and elegant lifestyle one learns n designs a personality with much guidance n efficiency to overcome the truth of one's own delusions ...my ongoing time with bodh vilas and all of wonder full people, plants and animals, is a lifetime process of achieving the light and love of mother dearest .
- Ralph Gomez
Troubled by the city life and things on my mind, I fled to Bodh Vilas. This place was highly recommended by a friend. I did not know what to expect there but tried my best to keep an open mind. Good energy people, animals and all beautiful creatures surrounded my days at Bodh Vilas. I was cradled like a baby in the lap of nature. Days were peaceful while doing simple house chores or understanding the mean of Yoga under Deepak's guidance. I learned a lot of simple things that I did not do back home. After my 1st visit to Bodh Vilas, I frequented the place a few times. Changed my Life.

It is a must visit for people especially city dwellers to come and enjoy the silence around and hear the voice of Mother Nature. I do look forward to going there very soon. Love & Light to all.
- Meghann D'sa
Deepak is a master of what it means to be human. He is a spirited teacher who varies his teaching style a lot. In his classes on yogic lifestyle and philosophy he tells humorous stories, draws brilliant flow-charts, plays games, and more to bring across the essence of the concepts. Deepak knows how to create the right atmosphere for learning to happen effortlessly. Realy shining is his ability to convey the meaning of the simple things in life (like food and cooking) and their significance for a yogi. He really can and will make these topics, including their implementation, crystal clear.

When you're with him individually or in a small group, he'll easily adapt to his students. If needed he can be serious and funny, gentle and bold, repeat himself patiently over and over again or remain silent (and be all smiles). I especially grew fond of his silent presence in which I could think aloud and find my own answers before even finishing the question. Deepak is sort of a catalyst for reflecting upon yourself. 

As for practices, as far as I can tell he knows a really great variety of them, and many he knows inside out. He'll teach you from the basics to the most advanced techniques, whatever you need, but makes clear that all yogic techniques and the strength they develop have to serve a purpose, and that this purpose must arise from within you. 

Deepak deals with the whole human being. He will strengthen your inner orientational ability (your compass), support your strive for integrity (a strong, self-repairing ship), and then teach you the techniques for transformation, the wind that can carry you to the treasure island of your choice. For him, all of this and nothing less is yoga. 

The best way to learn from him is to live with him for a while during a yoga camp, but I do wholeheartedly recommend him as a yoga teacher in any environment.
- Julius Popp. Student, aIm Yoga.
Deepak is one of the greatest masters from whom I drew a lot of inspiration, understanding of life & creativity and connectivity about the yoga & related studies. I wish all aim practitioners to have great YOGA JOURNEY & have celebrating spirit without making anyone small or big.” 
 Sudhir D.D, Student, aIm Yoga (October 5, 2011)
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