Our Yoga teachers are qualified from Swami. Raghavananda Matham, which is one of the Oldest and well reputed institutions for Scriptural Studies, Holistic approach to Life, under Swami Premananda Giriji Maharaja, prime and senior disciple of Swami Kashikananda Giriji Maharaja.

We are amoungst the first premier Yoga Research Institution to gain an ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Ms. Yujin Han, Director, Head Administration and Co-ordination, Research & Development
A chemical engineer with a decade of analytical skills, came into yoga merely out of seeking good physical health. Through education with us discovered the depth and beauty off yogic philosophy. Having continued yoga education, later gave up a successful job as Analyst with a chemical industry, started teaching yoga where it matters most, amongst the children. She does a wonderful job with children especially very large groups. She has completed RYT500 hours of yoga training. She assists research and development at “aimyoga”.
Sri. Deepak Gupta, Director, Lead Research in Scriptural Studies
Educated in several professional educations like engineering, finance, robotics enjoyed a career in baking and confectionary as a professional, found his calling and expression in yoga. He has almost a decade of teaching experience having spent 25 years amongst the Indian yogis. He has designed several successful yoga programs including national yoga education programs. He has successfully registered more that a dozen copy rights Intellectual Property Rights in the field of yoga education.

He has also designed several game including 52 “ball and juggling” games to introduce various yoga concepts. You can see Sri Nityadevi Namaskar on media of our site or youtube, another copy right in Asanas. An intense practice for advanced Sadhakas and athletes.
Sri. Dzmitry Andreyeu, Director, Lead Research in Scriptural Studies
Lovingly called hanuman is a man of action. You will find him enthusiastic in making you do the Kriyas and other practices with sincerity. A technically educated boxer with other educational qualifications found himself traveling the world to discover himself as a yoga teacher. You will be appreciative of his sincerity towards yoga when he will lead your class.

He is currently conducting yoga programs with aimyoga at Belarus and Russia and Baltic Region.

Our teachers are successful professionals from various fields like engineering, education, Sports, Commerce etc. Yoga a hobby after some time becomes lifestyle and soon transforms into a way of being including career. Our teachers have also trained at the Yoga InstituteSivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (Kerela). Our teachers are recognized by the Yoga alliance as ERYT 500 and RRYT 200.
Ms. Sonjuhi Malhotra, Food & Nutrition Specialist
20 years of successfully running a very professional setup to impart education in food technology. She will be our guide in the class “healthy cooking”, where we will get insights into healthy eating habits and nutrition. Live Demonstrations will be conducted for several health and fat free recipes’. She will give us 110 healthy vegetarian recipes which she promises can be multiplied with some skill and imagination. Visit www.sonjuhi.com for complete information.
Our panel of teachers include visiting faculties of Psychologists, Counselors and doctors who after having experienced the Life transformative and uplifting benefits of yoga willingly come and share the impacts and benefits with the help of their expertise in their various fields.
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