Affiliated: Swami Raghavananda Matham Registered 1862 with Bombay City 300 Years of written History
Under the guidance of: Swami Premananda Giriji Guruji Mathadhisha Swami Raghavananda Matham
Swami Premananda Giriji Senior Disciple of Sw. Kashikananda Giriji Maharaja
“AIM Yoga” is a holistic Yoga Center running its official activities since 2004.
We have implemented International Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) in our Yoga Training Processes, Yoga Training Syllabus and Course Materials.
What Style do we Teach:
We follow the classical contemporary style as written by Maharishi Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. Today Commonly known as “Classical style of Yoga i.e. Raja yoga.
What is “aIm Yoga”?
aIm in English means “purpose” or “to achieve”. aIm also expresses “ I AM” We at “aIm” pursue the complete Human Development and help all to live as A Master of their own life with joy and Celebrating Life.

We do not follow yoga as a trend but as a life style that assists in over all wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our Motto, and yogic practices which has been hugely influenced and based on the Bhavas from the Samkhya philosophy, is illustrated below:

Accept- Adapt- Achieve- Acquire
Dharma- Jnana-Vairagya- Aishwarya

- AIM yoga, uses the Yogic principle of Accept (Dharma), Adapt (Jnana), Achieve (Vairagya) and thus Acquire (Aishvarya) based on the Samkhya Philosophy thus help transforming lives with this attitude training practice.

- At AIM Yoga, we allow the freedom to every individual to lead his/ her lifestyle (yogachara), but simply help them enhance it by various simple Yogic Techniques that can be easily incorporated in their daily life so that at the end one misses nothing in this fast pace competitive life. Thus help transforming lives with the attitude training practice of Dharma Jnana Vairagya Aishwarya. where every second counts and still one can remain relaxed, energetic, enthusiastic and open minded even at the end of the day and enjoy all the aspects of life wholesomely.
Current Activities and workshops:
“AIM Yoga” has been conducting Yoga workshops for Corporate, Police, Adults, Youth as well as Children and people of all age groups. “Aim Yoga” has written various Books and articles for different magazines in India to spread the Knowledge of Yoga. We have been conducting yoga education for various organizations and individualsranging from all age groups.
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