Vision: To establish a Intelligent Village
The quality of life we choose to exist is an inside job, one of contemplation and inspiration from within and the surroundings. The intelligent village appreciates this wholesomeness of life and its various promoting factors and facets. Astuteness is complete nourishment of these various facets whether it is food, water, health and education, complemented with an enabling occupation etc. It perceives the possibilities and advantage of being itself, ‘one-off, unique’. Our location, situations its residents are all unique, so are the problems, possibilities and their solutions.    
“Excellence is an Attitude”
This village can appreciates the individual, community, culture, motherland and the environment. Wisdom sees the common link in their mutual well-being and existence. The vision of wholesome development is being encompassing and enduring. 
Self-Reliant Renewable Energy Sources
Solar power facility: As for experiment, we installed Solar system and came to know how much electricity can be produced and be stored, be consumed in general daily activities and effectiveness. 
Introducing renewable energy Sources.
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